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Welcome to SubtilisWiki
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About Subtiliswiki

SubtilisWiki is part of the Grand Opportunity grant (NIH RC2 GM092616) aimed at developing genome-scale tools and approaches to define gene function in the model gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis. This Wiki will serve as a the repository for the data generated through this grant and all the details of the ordered null mutant libraries that we are constructing. In addition, we hope this site will enable collection, sharing, and mining of data as well as community-based annotation. Finally, our goal is for this wiki to serve as a complement to the other Bacillus subtilis wiki SubtiWiki curated by Jörg Stülke and colleagues at the University of Göttingen.

Getting Started

Find information within SubtilisWiki by using the Search box to the left. Just enter your favorite B. subtilis gene or gene product. You can also browse our categories if you want to see what's here. Some sample queries are listed below, and you can always read more about searching on our Help pages.



How to Contribute

SubtilisWiki is for everyone. There are lots of ways you can help us make SubtilisWiki better:

  • Add your knowledge to existing pages
  • Add new pages about topics you're interested in
  • Add links
  • Fix our errors

Members can use SubtilisWiki in ways that are not available to unregistered users. Read more about user accounts at SubtilisWiki membership. Or simply email the SubtilisWiki Team at subtiliswiki@gmail.com if you have more questions!

What's New - Featuring posts from Subtiliswiki Blog

View Gene List by Gene Location
You can now view B. subtilis gene list by gene location. By going to the home page, look for the section called “Browse”. There you will find the link for gene list by gene order. You can also see the link by clicking here. (Read more)
Contact other B. subtilis researchers!
We created a new page with contact information for Bacillus subtilis researchers. You can access this list by going to the home page and clicking on “Subtilis Labs” at the top right, or by clicking here. If you see any errors or would like to be included in our list, please email subtiliswiki@gmail.com . (Read more)
Signal Peptides
Over 650 new alleles have been added to 163 genes. Allele data can be found by going to the “Alleles and Phenotypes” table in the gene pages. Here is an example list of alleles for sipS. (Read more)
Modification Sites
Several new modification sites have been added. These include: removed initiator methionines, modified residues, and phosphorylation sites. Any modified sites can be found in the “Domains/Motifs/Modification Sites” table on the Gene Product(s) pages of a relevant gene. Here is an example of each: initiator methionine, modified residues, and phosphorylation sites. (Read more)