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This category deals with different online databases containing information related to B. subtilis and other genomics information.

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Bacillus Genetic Stock Center (BGSC)Database of genetically characterized strains, cloning vectors, and bacteriophage for the genus BacillusSubtilisWiki page
BSORFBacillus subtilis Genome DatabaseSubtilisWiki page
DBTBSA collection of gene regulatory relations and transcription factor binding sitesSubtilisWiki page
Gene Ontology (GO)Provides a controlled vocabulary to describe gene and gene product attributes in any organism.SubtilisWiki page
InterProAn integrated database of predictive protein "signatures" used for the classification and automatic annotation of proteins and genomes.SubtilisWiki page
MicadoA relational database dedicated to microbial genomes and functional analysis of Bacillus subtilis SubtilisWiki page
MicrobesOnlineSubtilisWiki page
MicroScopeplatform to support microbial genomes (re)annotation projectsSubtilisWiki page
MiST2Microbial Signal Transduction databaseSubtilisWiki page
MolGen BioinformaticsSubtilisWiki page
NCBI Bacillus subtilisTaxonomy BrowserSubtilisWiki page
PathemaBioinformatics Resource CenterSubtilisWiki page
PHOSIDAInformation about phosphorylation, acetylation, and N-glycosylation on any protein of interest.SubtilisWiki page
Protein Data Bank (PDB)RCSB Protein Data Bank. SubtilisWiki page
SubtiListSubtilisWiki page
SubtilisWikiWiki-based community annotation for Bacillus subtilisSubtilisWiki page
UniProtComprehensive protein resourceSubtilisWiki page

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